Patricia Clarke Wraps

What is a wrap?

Patricia Clarke Wraps

A Patricia Clarke wrap is a detoxifying and contouring wrap. This technique is used to distribute the special plant extract gel to the problem areas. The gel permeates the connective tissues, activates lympholic drainage and stimulates circulation. This is NOT a “sweat-it-out” slimming cure whereby the weight is lost through profuse perspiration. The body remains dry throughout the wrap treatments and as intracellular fluids are mobilised, the deictic properties assist in the elimination of cellulite.

Patricia Clarke Gel is a hypo allergenic detoxifying, anti-cellulite, tightening and firming gel. Patricia Clarke Gel is also used by plastic surgeons to aid the contouring process.

Benefits & Advantages of using a Patricia Clarke wrap

  • A visible and measurable centimetre loss in just 60 minutes
  • Reduction of cellulite and fading of stretch marks and dimples
  • Detoxification- leaving you feeling rejuvenated and cleansed
  • Guaranteed centimetre loss of 18-80cm in your first treatment

What to expect when doing a Patricia Clarke wrap

  • Lose 18-80cm in 90 minutes
  • To begin with, your measurements are taken, they are then recorded on a body chart, Patricia Clarke gel is applied to the problem areas, neoprene bandages are the bounded around the body. For the next hour, the patient lies still and relaxes throughout the treatment. The wraps are thereafter removed and measurements are recorded.


Patricia Clarke Wraps are available at Crosby Medical
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