Weight Management Program

Our weight management programme is designed for each individual. It is a 6 week intense programme .Doctors will assess your lifestyle, body stats , diet weight and put you onto a balanced diet and advise on any exercise programme you need.

The doctors will provide vitamins and supplements to aid the weight loss. Weight loss injections are given to increase energy levels. Patients are also given the option of adding a weight loss drip once every 4 weeks to boost their results. The drip optimises cellular function hence improving metabolism and also has fat burners which aid in the destruction (lipolysis) of the fat cells.

The patient will be required to come in for weekly weight assessments and your weekly weight loss injection. The first consultation needs a minimum of 45 minutes- 1 hour to allow the doctor to discuss everything in detail. Therefore bookings are essential.

Please call the surgery for any additional information that you may require.

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