IV Nutritional Therapy

Vitamins should be taken in accordance with an individual’s nutritional needs and health goals.  We are living in a time where vitamins can be taken in a faster acting manner than the usual oral way.  Crosby Medical and Aesthetic Centre offer IV nutritional therapy to balance out all the vitamins and minerals that already exist in the body with those that are required.

Due to modern day food processing, much of the food we eat has low nutritional value.  A nutritional IV usually contains vitamins and minerals that are administered per individual need.  Receiving IV nutritional therapy puts back missing nutrients into the body while improving the ability of cells to detoxify, repair and regenerate.

If you’re feeling sluggish come into Crosby Medical and Aesthetic Centre for an intravenous shot for a boost.  For more information on our nutritional IV therapies, call Crosby Medical and Aesthetic Centre today!

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