Injuries & Fractures

Broken bones are usually caused by a fall or being struck by a heavy object.  The risk of broken bones often depends on age; most common in young children (their bones are still forming) and older age (bones are frail and with osteoporosis they become more brittle and prone to fractures after a fall).  There are different types of fractures and they are categorized as follows:

  • Complete – refers to the way the bone breaks, it snaps in two or more parts
  • Incomplete – the bone cracks but doesn’t break all the way through
  • Compound – also known as an open fracture, the bone breaks through the skin
  • Simple – know as a closed fracture, the bone breaks but there isn’t an open wound in the skin

Crosby Medical and Aesthetic Centre perform all ultrasound and general medical examinations relating to injuries and fractures.  A fractured bone is a medical emergency; therefore we advice you seek medical attention if you think you may have fractured a bone.

For more information in broken and fractured bones or to book an appointment, call Crosby Medical and Aesthetic Centre.

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